Remanufacture Services

We remanufacture all types of metal grinding and metal cutting machinery. Remanufacturing involves rebuilding all mechanical, pneumatic, lubrication and hydraulic systems and retrofitting the electrical system with a new CNC, PLC or SLC control. A remanufactured machine is restored to new machine condition with "state-of-the-art" electronics. We remanufacture our customers' machines as well as machines from our inventory. In cases involving general purpose machines, we have provided the initial machine (either from our inventory or the used market) for the remanufacturing process. After the machine was remanufactured and run-off, we exchanged that machine for the customer's machine. This provided minimal production downtime. And, for some customers with a line of identical machines, we have provided a "rotation program" in which we purchased and remanufactured the first machine, "swapped-out" machines as we completed each additional remanufactured machine and kept the remaining carcass when the program was completed.

When providing remanufacturing services, the machine base is used as a carcass. The machine and all subassemblies are disassembled and degreased. Most components subject to wear and tear (e.g. bearings, seals, hoses, etc.) are replaced while others (e.g. ways, ball screws, etc.) are reconditioned, if salvageable. The machine electronics are scrapped and replaced with new controls, servo drives, wire harnesses and a new electrical panel. Examples of tasks performed during the remanufacture of a machine include the following:

  • Disassemble and degrease all machine assemblies and subassemblies
  • Restore all alignments to OEM specifications
  • Recondition all spindles to OEM specifications
  • Recondition or replace all ballscrew and ballscrew assemblies
  • Re-certify hydraulic system
  • Rebuild lubrication system
  • Replace all bearings and seals
  • Replace all way wipers
  • Replace all hoses
  • Replace and re-scrape all low friction way materiel (e.g. turcite)
  • New CNC, PLC or SLC control
  • New servo drives and motors
  • New electrical panel and wire harnesses

All remanufactured machines are provided with a (1) One Year In-Service Warranty. All OEM warranties are passed through to the customer. An extended 24-month warranty is available as an optional purchase.

Our quotations for remanufactured machines include a complete Scope of Work and a Microsoft Project Gantt chart. The Scope of Work details all work that will be performed on each component of the machine. The Microsoft Project Gantt chart provides a time-line for each task to be performed. When we receive a purchase order for a remanufactured machine, the Microsoft Project Gantt chart is updated to reflect the purchase order acceptance date and mailed (or emailed) to the customer. From that point forward, the customer receives a Microsoft Project Gantt chart update every 30 days until the project is completed.

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