Plant Relocations

As a full service company in the automotive and truck asset management field, U.S. Equipment Company has been requested to provide plant relocation services throughout the years. As part of our service, we recondition or rebuild equipment that will be relocated. U.S. Equipment Company also locates and purchases equipment that is required to complete the manufacturing facility requirements. Representative plant relocation’s which U.S. Equipment Company has performed are described below:

Gnutti Carlo, Italy : Sold and relocated a flexible CNC line originally owned by Cummins (Scotland) for manufacturing connecting rods. Project was completed in July 1997.

Ford Motor Company, France: Worked with process engineers and plant managers to develop equipment needs for the Ford manufacturing facility in France. Located and installed the majority of capital equipment purchased.

Rockwell International, Brazil : Assisted in launching a new operation in Brazil to manufacture rear axle and wheel assemblies for heavy and medium-sized trucks. Supplied all the machine tools and toolroom equipment needs.

Motores Perkins, Brazil : Participated as part of venture team which launched a Perkins Diesel operation in Brazil to meet local content laws. In addition to coordinating initial start-up efforts, U.S. Equipment Company supplied some of the capital equipment needs in exchange for an equity position in Motores Perkins.

Willys do Brazil, Brazil : Worked with Kaiser and Renault as a partner in establishing a production facility for manufacturing jeeps in Brazil. Contributed machine tools necessary for engine, transmission, and axle production. Also, relocated an entire stamping plant from the United States to Brazil.

Industrias Kaiser Argentina, Argentina : Coordinated establishment of a complete automotive manufacturing facility in Argentina. In addition to evaluating appropriate equipment transfers from their United States operations, U.S. Equipment Company located and installed equipment needs not available at existing Kaiser locations.

Mahindra and Mahindra, India : Coordinated the establishment of a complete powertrain assembly for the production of jeeps in India. Contributed rebuilt and reconditioned machine tools necessary for engine, transmission and axle production.