Machine Evaluations

U.S. Equipment Company provides machine capability evaluation services for metal cutting and grinding machines. Our evaluations include analyses of all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. Following our machine evaluations, we provide fixed price quotations for any refurbishment services that our customers request. We have the machinery rebuild facilities and skilled trades required to perform any machine refurbishment requested by our customers to insure that machines are capable and production ready after reinstallation at the customer’s location. We also full turn-key (i.e. process, programming, and tooling) and integration services. Our machine evaluations typically include the following tasks and evaluations (where appropriate):

  • Review of maintenance records and interviews with maintenance personnel and machine operators.
  • Removal of all necessary covers to expose way systems.
  • Micrometer checks of all accessible ways.
  • Checks at all lubrication points for proper functioning of injector or distributor.
  • Visually check of the entire machine for condition of hydraulic hoses, electrical cabling, power tracks, push button panels, and overall cleanliness.
  • Listing of all documentation that accompanies machine, and any that is missing, if known.
  • Spindle analyses including vibration analysis and checks in all speeds for noise, and heat.
  • Check for presence of all speeds for clutch drives or hydraulic shift mechanisms. Check for excessive leaking in all speeds.
  • Backlash check for all axes. Determine he source of the backlash, if possible.
  • Positioning and repeatability for all axes.
  • Measurement of all machine alignments (geometry).
  • Ball Bar tests are performed and the following are recorded:
    • Backlash tests for each axis.
    • Lateral play in each axis.
    • Cyclic error for each axis.
    • Reversal spikes for each axis.
    • Straightness of each axis.
    • Cyclic pitch of each axis.
    • Squareness of axis relations.
    • Scaling mismatch.
    • Servo mismatch.
    • Calculated feedrate.
  • Vibration analyses for the work spindle, motors and pumps:
  • Measure frequency response through a speed range.
  • The amplitude is measured over a speed range.
  • Check main hydraulic pressure.
  • Check hydraulic pumps for vibration, noise, output and leakage.
  • Check condition of all electrical peripherals.
  • Check the output of all power supplies.
  • Check all electrical motors for smooth operation and quietness.
  • Record electrical data from the servomotors and drives. Determine their vintage and assess the availability of repair parts.
  • Check CNC control for functionality and program content.
  • Evaluate condition and functionality of gantry system.
  • Inspect and analyze tool turret function, repeatability and capability.
  • Thermal analysis (when appropriate)

U.S. Equipment Company has a 70,000 square foot machinery rebuild Facility in Detroit, Michigan to perform any mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic refurbishment deemed to be required as a result of our Machine Evaluations. We also have mechanical and electrical technicians to perform on-site work when requested. An example of our Deliverables can be viewed here.

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