Electrical Retrofit

We are capable of retrofitting all types of metal grinding and metal cutting machinery. A retrofitted machine is updated electronically with "state-of-the-art" electronics. The machine electronics are scrapped and replaced with new controls, servo drives, wire harnesses and a new electrical panel. Examples of tasks performed during the electrical retrofit of a machine include the following:

  • New CNC, PLC or SLC control
  • New servo drives and motors
  • New electrical panel and wire harnesses

All retrofitted machines are provided with a (1) One Year In-Service Warranty for the work performed on the electrical system. All OEM component warranties are passed through to the customer.

Our quotations for retrofitted machines include a complete Scope of Work and a Microsoft Project Gantt chart. The Scope of Work details all work that will be performed on the electrical componentry of the machine. The Microsoft Project Gantt chart provides a time-line for each task to be performed. When we receive a purchase order for a remanufactured machine, the Microsoft Project Gantt chart is updated to reflect the purchase order acceptance date and mailed (or emailed) to the customer. From that point forward, the customer receives a Microsoft Project Gantt chart update every 30 days until the project is completed.

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